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Gagosis bread is kneaded daily in the traditional way by hand. The ingredients used are pure and our Flour is of excellent quality. Using 30 years old sourdough from the grandmother of Gagosis, originating from Ioannina, renewing it, we have constantly managed to produce. Always combining quality with taste and healthy nutrition.


The Breakfast Gagosis stands out because it is made in the traditional way with the purest ingredients and with many savory and sweet flavors, which you can combine with the unique coffee ILLY. You can taste Thessaloniki Bun in various variations, Tyros bread, Elio bread, - Raisin bread - Thessaloniki Bun - Polysporo Bun - Butter croissant - Chocolate croissant - and puff pastry in various flavors Oil Mustard Buns- Buns with Walnut and Raisin- Orange Buns- Sesame and Orange Buns- Various Cookies- Orange Buns- Cinnamon Buns- Cinnamon Buns- Pudding- Pies


One more of our specialties is the Politeiko Tsoureki, the individual tsourekakia plain or with filling made in a traditional and time-consuming way and always with high quality ingredients. Cakes of different tastes. Cereal bars Chocolate Miscellaneous - Famous apple pies and apple pies - Lemon pies and lemon pies . Confectionery Miscellaneous


The Gagosis Oven following the new conditions of the lifestyle combining pastry and confectionery offers the customer healthy and quality snacks. Cheese pies - Spinach pies - Spanakopitakia - Lukanopitakia - Pizzakia - Pinirli - Cheese pies - Spinach pies - Cheese pies - Butter croissants - Chocolate croissants - Various puff pastries. SANDOUTS Baguettes with a variety of Deli meats and cheeses- Arabic Pies filled with Various Flavours- Wholemeal and Black Pies. Brioche Buns.


SWEETS Our sweets are made from pure ingredients that will satisfy even your greatest expectations. Chocolate Cakes- Almond Cakes- Butter Cakes- Strawberry Cake- Strawberry Cake- Cookies Cakes - Cakes made to order - (Wedding - Baptism - Birthday) Chocolate Pastes - Mouse Paste - Almond Paste - Almond Paste - Various kinds of Éclair - Cornet - Coke - Cheesecake - Milfie - Proffinterol - Banoffe - Banoffe - Polystyrene cake with candy. Polystyrene cake with brioche and many other kinds which are constantly renewed.


The syrupy Gagosis are made with milk butter following the traditional way of preparation from pure and fresh ingredients. The flavors are irresistible even for the most demanding palates Our Milk Bureko is made from fresh milk. Also the Kandaifi - Gianniotiko - Baklava - Ravani - Samali - Chocolate pie - Orange pie - Touloubakia - Chocolate with Orange Flavors that drive young and old crazy.


The gelateria Gagosis with the choices of flavors that proposes you will meet all your culinary desires Bulk ice cream by the kilo - Ice cream - Ice cream cone - Firecrackers - Ice Cream Cakes


The Gagosis Oven, following the seasons and customs, operating the traditional way of production, offers you flavors from the Greek and not only tradition. Christmas: Christmas Bread - Kourabies - Kourabies with chocolate - Melomakarona - melomakarona with chocolate - baklava - chocolate houses - Diples and the famous PANETTONE. New Year's Eve : New Year's pies Valentine's Day: Cakes Various Clean Monday : Laganas - handmade halva - apple pie and Scalcunia Turquoise Easter Pastry Pastry - Pastry Doughnuts


In a highly competitive environment, demands are a challenge for us and we are here to meet them to the fullest. Our goal is to offer the best coffee in the world to all those who seek it. We guarantee a comprehensive, human-centered service to all our customers. We consistently provide quality coffee and modern professional equipment. Our 100% Arabica and decaffeinated coffee varieties offer rich flavors.

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